Chest of Sorrow for sinking skellies

I was talking with Joy about this earlier, and it seems people on reddit have confirmed that the chest of sorrows is a simple way to sink the skellies. Here is the original post.

To add on to the tips bellow, I think we should try it by having two people just hang off the ladders with the chests, no damage that way and our ships can stay at a distance.

We’ll throw down some lvl 50 GH missions this weekend and try to find a chest so we can see if it will work.

These are the tips from reddit:

  • Someone should stay with the chest. You need to be able to recover it quickly to be ready for the next ship. Best place for this is to hang out in the captain’s quarters or rails behind it.
  • Be careful when ramming to board it. You might get stuck in-between ships as you make the jump and get teleported. That means having to find the chest again in the water…while sometimes dealing with two ghost ships at the same time. Not fun.
  • Sometimes it’s just a waiting game. But once he starts crying…the ship is done-zo!
  • Duo slooping this AI fight is hard work. If one of you dies to the cannons while the chest is on board, anchor, and drop it overboard immediately. Just focus on bailing until your teammate returns from the ferry, then reassess. Ghost ship shots and Chest of Sorrows tears together is nearly impossible to bail against.


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There was a post by one of the senior producers @ rare about the skelly spawn times today on reddit, they are changing things around: * For Week2’s set of battles we are offsetting the IRL time these will be available. This effectively means that for Week2’s encounters you will be tackling a different crew in a different sea region. * The battle will still be available for the same Game and IRL length of time and the Outpost Banners/Pocket Watch will still point you to the right place. We will then do the same offset for Week3’s set of… Read more »